Our Writing Processes: Mariana Ríos

I’ve really enjoyed reading about the writing processes of my fellow Path2Pub contributors this month. It’s been very interesting to get to know more about them and what’s behind their journeys as writers. Something I’ve learned from each of their posts is that everyone has a special way of writing that works well for eachContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Mariana Ríos”

Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel

My writing process usually begins with the spark of inspiration that turns into an idea. Sometimes it’s in the form of the first scene, the title of the potential novel, the tropes in the plot, or the characters. Sometimes it’s a mix of some of those elements or all of those elements. I’ve written severalContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel”

Our Writing Processes: Amber Chen (with a side of tea)

If you were expecting publishing tea, look away, because I meant actual tea. I drink copious amounts of tea when writing, and when not writing, so I’ve paired each stage of my writing process with a lovely tea blend from my current TWG tea box 🙂 Growing the Plot Bunnies Paired with Alexandria Tea: “AContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Amber Chen (with a side of tea)”

Our Writing Processes: Alex Garcia

In my first post, I went over a little bit on my writing process and the genres I write and for this post I want to expand a little more. For me it all starts with the character. Sometimes I just listen to a song or a watch a person walk by in the groceryContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Alex Garcia”

Our Writing Processes: Briana Michelle Meyer

I’m going to be honest with you: my process is really non-existent. That is because I look at writing each story differently. When I first started writing to how I start now, just looking at it would make all of your heads spin. Yes, I am a former pantser turned planster? Maybe. That’s to beContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Briana Michelle Meyer”

Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi

Writing. Writing. Writing. That activity that really makes one a writer. Not the conception of an idea. Not fantasies of the plot unfolding. But the actual process of marking symbols on a surface to express a plot line. Happy New Month. Today, friends, I’ll be kicking off this month’s exciting theme by sharing HOW IContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi”