Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings

Welcome to the third Path2pub debate of the year! Today, we’ll be debating our stances on: Must writers read/watch the main source of a story before putting their twists on it in form of a retelling? Or should writers write retellings based on a general knowledge of the main material? Look at us being controversial!Continue reading “Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings”

Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?

Welcome wonderful readers to another Path2pub debate! Topic: Should we writers pursuing traditional publication write books that we love, or what agents/editors are looking for on their wishlists? Should we write the books that excite us, or what is trending in the market? This topic came about after a few followers on Path2pub Twitter toldContinue reading “Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?”