Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty

Hello, my name is Wyeth Doty and I am an aspiring thriller/horror writer. I am currently working on my first ever book to be published, so I spend the majority of my free time writing. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This city is gorgeous and full of life and inspiration for my writing.Continue reading “Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty”

Countries We Write In: L.O. Nobi

I live in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria, in West Africa. Today, I’ll be taking you on a photo tour of my city where I write. Now, there’s this misconception from the western world (US & Europe) that Africa is this archaic place of bushes and starvation. Or that Africa is one country whereContinue reading “Countries We Write In: L.O. Nobi”

Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

Welcome to another Path2pub Special! Following the hilarious twitter trend, we decided to make a bit of fun of our MCs in our manuscripts and WIPS. They’re A Ten BUT!! We look forward to seeing your takes in the comments! From my current manuscript: A Dyad Of Brass – He’s a ten, but he stealsContinue reading “Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…”

Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings

Welcome to the third Path2pub debate of the year! Today, we’ll be debating our stances on: Must writers read/watch the main source of a story before putting their twists on it in form of a retelling? Or should writers write retellings based on a general knowledge of the main material? Look at us being controversial!Continue reading “Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings”

Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?

Welcome wonderful readers to another Path2pub debate! Topic: Should we writers pursuing traditional publication write books that we love, or what agents/editors are looking for on their wishlists? Should we write the books that excite us, or what is trending in the market? This topic came about after a few followers on Path2pub Twitter toldContinue reading “Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?”

Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day from the Path2pub ladies to every mother (and everyone who mothers) out there! You’re amazing and appreciated. In honor of this special day, we’ll be sharing our favorite mother figures in fiction, both in exterior works and in ours! How cool that we wrote this post right on the Oscars 2022Continue reading “Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures”