I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…

Yes, dear reader. You read that correctly. I said “no” to the very thing we here at Path2Pub are all about: Getting a book deal. The Setup: It’s December of 2021. I take a quick break from my Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter conspiracy theories (obviously) to pitch my manuscript during #PitMad, in what would inevitably be theContinue reading “I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…”

The Value of Critique Partners

One of the very first things I learned when I began my writing journey was the value of having critique partners. I never suspected back then how much I’d be relying on these writers to share the ups and downs of this unexpected path as years have gone by.  In January 2018 my dream ofContinue reading “The Value of Critique Partners”


Announcing the winners for our very first Path2pub Giveaway! First of all, thanks to everyone who contested for the giveaway! You’re amazing and we’re so happy to have you on Path2pub with us. We wish everyone could get a price and while it’s not possible yet, watch this space. There’ll be more giveaways going forward!Continue reading “GIVEAWAY Winners”