An Interview with SJ Whitby!

Ever wonder what self-publishing is like? Are you considering going into self-publishing? Amber speaks with prolific self-published author SJ Whitby to find out more about what inspired their publishing journey (and whether or not we’re going to get more Cute Mutants books)! SJ Whitby (they/them) is an author who’s responsible for the increasingly sprawling CuteContinue reading “An Interview with SJ Whitby!”

What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers

So Lucia and Amber have advanced from the editing stage with their agents to the *gasps* submissions to editors! 🥳. For any who might wonder, this is the step to publication that comes after: Getting an agent Editing your manuscript with them. Once your agent feels your MS is set, they pitch it to editorsContinue reading “What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers”

Cover Reveal: Presenting your book to the world

February 25th was a special day for me, since I got to celebrate the cover reveal for my debut book Santiago’s Dinosaurios which will be released by Albert Whitman & Co. on October 1st, 2022. The process of creating the cover was the job of the illustrator, Ms. Udayana Lugo, and the design team atContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Presenting your book to the world”

Path2pub Debate: Of Reviews For Teen Books

This was a pretty consistent and hot topic on Twitter and so, of course, we decided to share our two cents over here. Ladies, gents, panel of judges, we hope we manage to convince you and not confuse you in our battle to the death debate! Topic: Is it right for books for teens toContinue reading “Path2pub Debate: Of Reviews For Teen Books”

I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…

Yes, dear reader. You read that correctly. I said “no” to the very thing we here at Path2Pub are all about: Getting a book deal. The Setup: It’s December of 2021. I take a quick break from my Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter conspiracy theories (obviously) to pitch my manuscript during #PitMad, in what would inevitably be theContinue reading “I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…”

Weekend Roadside Cafe

Info Burgers 🍔 The Submissions Process: There’s so much about the querying process available online, but so little about how submissions feel. Here’s a blog with a collection of authors’ submissions stories. Beware, it’s quite scary! Packaging Critique: A conversation was stirred in the writing community about the best way to package critiques. Here’s whatContinue reading “Weekend Roadside Cafe”

Stranded in the Trenches 

Hello. My name is Sarah, and as of writing this post, I’ve been stuck in the querying trenches for 629 days. To break it down, that’s two years, four manuscripts, hundreds of rejections, and at least fifty sad “I DESERVE THIS” glasses of wine. (Fifty. Hahaha…) I know compared to some people, 629 days is nothing. AContinue reading “Stranded in the Trenches “

PitchWars Mentee Interview: Behind The Scenes

February is a big, big, BIG moment for the PitchWars community! Honestly, November to February every year is. BUT February is probably the most anticipated. Why? Because it’s when the mentees finally get to showcase their polished manuscripts to agents between the 9th – 11th! To help everyone who’s new to the writing community understandContinue reading “PitchWars Mentee Interview: Behind The Scenes”

Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)

The publishing industry is a vast one. That means a whole vocabulary that writers entering the industry have to learn and keep up with. Many of these terms/acronyms we also use on Path2pub. And so for this Path2pub Special, we thought it would be great to make a list of publishing terminologies with their easy-to-understandContinue reading “Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)”