Red Flags in Small Press Publishing Contracts

Today’s guest post is coming from Megan Shunmugam! It delves into the firsthand experience of dealing with a shady small press and is something every writer in the writing community should keep alert of. Take it away, Meg! When I first started the querying process, I queried widely. To agents and small publishers alike. WhenContinue reading “Red Flags in Small Press Publishing Contracts”

So You’re Looking For Mentorship?

We’re on the brink of announcements for Author Mentor Match (AMM) mentees for Round 9 and the PitchWars Class of 2021 showcase, so it seems like a good time to reflect on the concept of mentorship for authors and what it means on the path to publication! I first jumped into the world of traditionalContinue reading “So You’re Looking For Mentorship?”

Not A Walk In The Park

I swear this post is not meant to be discouraging! With that being said, let me explain why I gave this post that title. There is no way to sugarcoat it, so here it goes: Writing is hard (sometimes) and the path to publication is even harder.  The bright side is that it is alsoContinue reading “Not A Walk In The Park”

Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!

Hello, everyone! Lucia here. I’m so excited to finally have Path2pub up and running. It’s been under construction for some time, and when the ladies of Path2pub showed instant interest in it, I knew it just had to be actualized. To learn more about what we hope to offer at Path2pub, check out our AboutContinue reading “Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!”