AUPQ: How Do You Feel About Form Responses To Queries?

Before we delve in, we are hosting a Giveaway on Path2pub with Lit Agent Nina Leon giving a query letter critique. She’s also doing a wonderful interview with her client on the agenting process! So send your letter and inform your friends! A second place prize will be receiving a query critique from we theContinue reading “AUPQ: How Do You Feel About Form Responses To Queries?”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

I have seen so many writers on Twitter lately only talking about their publishing triumphs and while I’m so very excited for them and all their successes, I can’t help but wonder why all of us aren’t as transparent about our struggles. No matter what stage of the publishing process you might be at, allContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback

We’ve all been there, even when you think you haven’t. Feedback is ever present in our daily life and the way I call and see it: they are areas of improvement. Sometimes feedback comes unwarranted, but in this post I want to write about the feedback we seek from beta readers. Full disclosure, I haveContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback”

I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…

Yes, dear reader. You read that correctly. I said “no” to the very thing we here at Path2Pub are all about: Getting a book deal. The Setup: It’s December of 2021. I take a quick break from my Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter conspiracy theories (obviously) to pitch my manuscript during #PitMad, in what would inevitably be theContinue reading “I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…”

Why Those First Sentences/Paragraphs Matter

You know, I never thought the first sentence or paragraph of a manuscript mattered until I started querying. I mean whenever I opened a book with a gripping first line, I definitely thought ‘whoa that’s top tier stuff’. But I didn’t think it was necessary in every book because let’s be honest, not every published book out there has bomb first lines and yet a good amount of them are still amazing.

Strength In Your Queries: Destitutes And Fiends

It’s the last day of ALL ABOUT QUERYING month and we’ll be wrapping it up with one final query letter analysis and experience. Destitutes and Fiends spent all of 4/5 days in the query trenches before it started getting full requests. About two weeks later, I had offers of representation and an agent, and threeContinue reading “Strength In Your Queries: Destitutes And Fiends”

Stranded in the Trenches 

Hello. My name is Sarah, and as of writing this post, I’ve been stuck in the querying trenches for 629 days. To break it down, that’s two years, four manuscripts, hundreds of rejections, and at least fifty sad “I DESERVE THIS” glasses of wine. (Fifty. Hahaha…) I know compared to some people, 629 days is nothing. AContinue reading “Stranded in the Trenches “

Querying my debut Picture Book

Today I want to share the query letter that helped me get my debut picture book published. In this case, the query wasn’t intended for an agent (although I followed the same structure that I used when querying for an agent). This letter was written for an editor who liked one of my pitches inContinue reading “Querying my debut Picture Book”

Agent Interview: Leah Pierre

A surefire way to determine an agent is the best fit for your manuscript/writing career is by learning everything you can about them. Such information is great when choosing who to query and deciding who you’d love to work long term with. As a site dedicated to guiding writers through the publication journey, we’ve putContinue reading “Agent Interview: Leah Pierre”


Info Burgers 🍔 7 Steps To Write A Query Letter: A super fun, easy-to-understand, yet highly informative list on how to write a query letter. Tips For Writing A Query Letter: Masterclass is one of our contributor’s favorite writing resource—the tips are shared really elegantly. Querying Mistakes We Don’t Talk About Often Enough: A funnyContinue reading “Roadside Cafe: ALL ABOUT QUERYING”