I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…

Yes, dear reader. You read that correctly. I said “no” to the very thing we here at Path2Pub are all about: Getting a book deal. The Setup: It’s December of 2021. I take a quick break from my Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter conspiracy theories (obviously) to pitch my manuscript during #PitMad, in what would inevitably be theContinue reading “I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…”

Stranded in the Trenches 

Hello. My name is Sarah, and as of writing this post, I’ve been stuck in the querying trenches for 629 days. To break it down, that’s two years, four manuscripts, hundreds of rejections, and at least fifty sad “I DESERVE THIS” glasses of wine. (Fifty. Hahaha…) I know compared to some people, 629 days is nothing. AContinue reading “Stranded in the Trenches “

You ARE a Writer!

There were small moments growing up that practically screamed ‘YOU ARE A WRITER‘ directly in my face. I just didn’t realize it. The year was 2000. The grade was third. The bangs were atrocious. I was a terrible student, and that’s not me being self-deprecating either. I came in below-average in almost every subject. Well,Continue reading “You ARE a Writer!”