On Trends or, The Twilight Era

Time is a flat circle. No, hear me out. Publishing trends have time limits but they always find a way to come back, just a decade or so after the last time it was around. With the new Vampire Academy adaptation on Peacock coming out next month (coming to us from THE Julie Plec) asContinue reading “On Trends or, The Twilight Era”

Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?

Welcome wonderful readers to another Path2pub debate! Topic: Should we writers pursuing traditional publication write books that we love, or what agents/editors are looking for on their wishlists? Should we write the books that excite us, or what is trending in the market? This topic came about after a few followers on Path2pub Twitter toldContinue reading “Debate: Write What You Love VS What The Industry Wants?”