Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty

Hello, my name is Wyeth Doty and I am an aspiring thriller/horror writer. I am currently working on my first ever book to be published, so I spend the majority of my free time writing. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This city is gorgeous and full of life and inspiration for my writing.Continue reading “Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty”

A Field Of Mines: Publishing Twitter

First of all, I want to start by saying I’m so glad I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back! I hit a serious iceberg on my publishing journey and my creativity ship sank, making me struggle with blogging about this path. Feeling eager now to write this post, made me realize my ship is gradually settingContinue reading “A Field Of Mines: Publishing Twitter”

PitchWars Mentee Interview: Behind The Scenes

February is a big, big, BIG moment for the PitchWars community! Honestly, November to February every year is. BUT February is probably the most anticipated. Why? Because it’s when the mentees finally get to showcase their polished manuscripts to agents between the 9th – 11th! To help everyone who’s new to the writing community understandContinue reading “PitchWars Mentee Interview: Behind The Scenes”