Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty

Hello, my name is Wyeth Doty and I am an aspiring thriller/horror writer. I am currently working on my first ever book to be published, so I spend the majority of my free time writing. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This city is gorgeous and full of life and inspiration for my writing.Continue reading “Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty”

Outlining with Music.

Previously we had a question about how music influences our writing (Ask us questions post) and my answer stands, I love music and I have a playlist for each WIP. But one of the things I have done lately is adding a song below each chapter. I absolutely love hearing the playlists and songs someContinue reading “Outlining with Music.”

Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel

My writing process usually begins with the spark of inspiration that turns into an idea. Sometimes it’s in the form of the first scene, the title of the potential novel, the tropes in the plot, or the characters. Sometimes it’s a mix of some of those elements or all of those elements. I’ve written severalContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel”

Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi

Writing. Writing. Writing. That activity that really makes one a writer. Not the conception of an idea. Not fantasies of the plot unfolding. But the actual process of marking symbols on a surface to express a plot line. Happy New Month. Today, friends, I’ll be kicking off this month’s exciting theme by sharing HOW IContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi”

Path2pub Theme For June

Hello Everyone! 2022 is almost halfway through, which technically means that Path2pub is going to be 6 months old! Over these months, the site has been growing and we’re so thankful for our new readers. Now, the past months on Path2pub have been with awesome, freestyle posts from our Contributors. For June though, we’re workingContinue reading “Path2pub Theme For June”