Musical Inspirations For Fantasy

If you’ve read my AUPQ response before, you might remember that music is a very big part of my writing process. Songs can stick in my mind for a long time and entire novels can be built off a single lyric or the vibes of a melody. I also like to put together playlists thatContinue reading “Musical Inspirations For Fantasy”

AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers

Hello everyone, a reminder that next month’s theme is Countries We Write In and we want to see your city and day to day writing life, so share your photos with us! Today, Zainab wants to know: What would you say are your strongest and weakest points in writing?? Is it world building? Character? Plot?ThankContinue reading “AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers”

Working Full Time & Writing.

Life is busy.  For this post I wanted to talk about what it’s like to work full time and have time to write.  I am not sure if I had mentioned it in one of my older posts, but for my day job I work full time as an engineer for a company. To giveContinue reading “Working Full Time & Writing.”

Why I Write Romance Novels

This is my first solo post! So hello, everyone–I’m Swati Hegde, a 26-year-old romance author from Bangalore, India. I’ve lived in India my whole life, and my writing almost always features Indian cities as the main setting. Which is interesting, because most traditionally published contemporary novels in the US are not set outside of America,Continue reading “Why I Write Romance Novels”

Storytelling Like Pixar

What’s your favourite Pixar movie? Because I’m sure almost everyone will have one. As a big fan of Disney’s traditional animation style, I was truly offended when Pixar burst onto the scene and changed the face of animation with Toy Story, but now I am a convert. More than the animation (which is fantastic), whatContinue reading “Storytelling Like Pixar”

Keep your head up.

Has anyone given you the advice: keep honing your craft? I have seen this response in a few form query rejection replies. I used to get hurt by seeing these responses because I would automatically think I was not enough, and that was the agent’s professional way of saying ‘you suck’. Dramatic much? Yeah, probably.Continue reading “Keep your head up.”

Prologues: To Include Or Not

Last month, I saw a Twitter Interaction about adding prologues when sending out query sample pages. A writer wanted to know if agents were open to prologues or not. The answering tweet was from a writer who felt prologues are entirely pointless and that books do not need them, therefore they shouldn’t be added toContinue reading “Prologues: To Include Or Not”

AUPQ: Outlining Or Pantsing?

Path To Publication is officially 6 Months old and we just want to say Thank You to all of our readers and commenters and everyone who inspire us to keep this website churning! On today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Gina wants to know: Do you ladies outline when writing, or do you pants? I’m anContinue reading “AUPQ: Outlining Or Pantsing?”

Path2pub Theme For June

Hello Everyone! 2022 is almost halfway through, which technically means that Path2pub is going to be 6 months old! Over these months, the site has been growing and we’re so thankful for our new readers. Now, the past months on Path2pub have been with awesome, freestyle posts from our Contributors. For June though, we’re workingContinue reading “Path2pub Theme For June”

Something Inside

There were so many topics I debated for this post, but ultimately I decided to go with Genre, Writing Style and Inspiration for your next books. And before getting into it, I truly believe all three topics come from inside us. They are part of something inside us. As a starting point, I want toContinue reading “Something Inside”