A Piece of Myself

One of the things I love the most about being a writer is the piece of myself that goes into every one of my picture book stories. By doing this, a very special connection is created with each manuscript in a unique way. Over the past two years I have created several stories. One ofContinue reading “A Piece of Myself”

Music Inspired Writing Prompts

My writing is full of music inspired references and quotes. Let’s just say that my future agent better love Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo references. While listening to my latest WIP playlist and being inspired yet again by Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded single, “This Love,” I thought it would be fun to come up withContinue reading “Music Inspired Writing Prompts”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

I have seen so many writers on Twitter lately only talking about their publishing triumphs and while I’m so very excited for them and all their successes, I can’t help but wonder why all of us aren’t as transparent about our struggles. No matter what stage of the publishing process you might be at, allContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback

We’ve all been there, even when you think you haven’t. Feedback is ever present in our daily life and the way I call and see it: they are areas of improvement. Sometimes feedback comes unwarranted, but in this post I want to write about the feedback we seek from beta readers. Full disclosure, I haveContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback”

I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…

Yes, dear reader. You read that correctly. I said “no” to the very thing we here at Path2Pub are all about: Getting a book deal. The Setup: It’s December of 2021. I take a quick break from my Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter conspiracy theories (obviously) to pitch my manuscript during #PitMad, in what would inevitably be theContinue reading “I Denied an Offer of Rep. Here’s Why…”

Stranded in the Trenches 

Hello. My name is Sarah, and as of writing this post, I’ve been stuck in the querying trenches for 629 days. To break it down, that’s two years, four manuscripts, hundreds of rejections, and at least fifty sad “I DESERVE THIS” glasses of wine. (Fifty. Hahaha…) I know compared to some people, 629 days is nothing. AContinue reading “Stranded in the Trenches “

The Value of Critique Partners

One of the very first things I learned when I began my writing journey was the value of having critique partners. I never suspected back then how much I’d be relying on these writers to share the ups and downs of this unexpected path as years have gone by.  In January 2018 my dream ofContinue reading “The Value of Critique Partners”

You ARE a Writer!

There were small moments growing up that practically screamed ‘YOU ARE A WRITER‘ directly in my face. I just didn’t realize it. The year was 2000. The grade was third. The bangs were atrocious. I was a terrible student, and that’s not me being self-deprecating either. I came in below-average in almost every subject. Well,Continue reading “You ARE a Writer!”